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Food additives: indispensable contributions to the baking process COPY

Most people talk about stepping into the bakery circle not only because of the eating gene in their bones, but also to make safe food for themselves and their families. Every time I talk about bread and pastries on the market with my relatives and friends at home, I just talk about food additives. In fact, many food additives are indispensable to the roasting process. Expansion agent is commonly used in baking process, which is mainly divided into smelly powder, baking soda and baking powder.

Odor powder, known as ammonium bicarbonate, is mainly used in the processing of biscuits and other crisps. It volatilizes rapidly at above 60 C and decomposes into ammonia, carbon dioxide and water. However, the residual ammonia can make food odorous and affect the taste.

Sodium bicarbonate is an acidic salt formed by neutralizing strong alkali and weak acid. It is weak alkaline when dissolved in water. Sodium carbonate, carbon dioxide and water are gradually decomposed from solids above 50 C. It can be used as a bulking agent in food production. But because sodium bicarbonate will remain sodium carbonate after action, excessive use will make the finished product alkaline.

Baking powder, also known as instant powder or cake powder, is a kind of puffing agent for Western Points. It is often used in cake and cake making. It is a compound chemical swelling agent, which is composed of alkali agent, acid agent and filler (corn starch). Subsequently, the rapid reaction and slow speed baking powder were deduced. According to the product requirements, gas was released at different stages of production, resulting in different production effects.

Dual-effect baking powder is usually composed of acidic fluffing agent calcium hydrogen phosphate, potassium hydrogen tartrate and alkaline fluffing agent sodium bicarbonate, ammonia bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, light calcium carbonate and starch. There are two kinds of reaction characteristics of quick and slow baking powder. The reaction can be divided into two stages to produce gas-water interaction.

This powder is suitable for general baking products, especially cakes. In the batter mixing operation period, due to the influence of temperature, the flour first releases 1/5-1/3 of the gas, which relaxes the gluten inside the batter, improves the batter's condition, and keeps the gas inside the batter. When the batter is baked, with the increase of temperature, the gas gradually releases, which fully meets the need of the batter's thermal expansion during baking and makes the cake as much as possible. Expansion quality gets the best effect. Dual-effect baking powder can release uniform gas in the batter, which makes the gas in the batter uniform, so that the pore of baked cake is fine and uniform, and the product structure can achieve perfect expansion quality. Its final metabolites in human body are mainly sodium chloride (i.e. salt) and phosphoric acid products similar to human natural metabolism.

Know about the production of fluffy, will you still use a spoonful of baking powder? Mifen's rich but delicate, low-sugar and low-oil biscuits are crisp and delicious. Simple bread and scones can not exist without baking powder.

Of course, some food additives belong to the ingredients that must be included in the formula, such as baking powder and gelatin. Others belong to the category of "can add or can not add", but there will be some advantages if they are added.

The cheese powder has the advantage of scale.

You can use vanilla strips, milk and butter to cook cheese sauce, but it takes a long time to stir. If you use cheese powder, it will be very fast. You can put it in the mixer. For large-scale production, of course, this is more efficient. However, customers will feel that "your puff stuffing is not as delicious as that one", and professionals can also eat it out, which is made of cheese powder.

Vegetable butter has a price advantage.

Vegetable butter is really very unhealthy than animal butter. And it's easy to recognize. It can be smelled 5 meters away, because the price is really much cheaper. Therefore, most of the cream used in cake shops is this kind.

Stabilizer, time advantage.

Makaron is more time-consuming, because temperature, humidity, techniques will affect the final product. When added, the objective and subjective effects on food production will be reduced. Of course, masters don't need food additives. Sometimes they don't even need the silica gel pads that are painted well. Because you can squeeze out the same size of Macaron with your bare hands.

Pigments have visual advantages.

First, of course, food pigments. Macaron should use the most pigments. This is also to cater to the public aesthetic interest, to look at the sweet girl heart, it is necessary to use the Christmas red pigments; to small fresh sky blue tiffany, it is necessary to use indigo. Small doses will not do much harm to health. Of course, if you have time, energy and raw materials, you can also use the color of natural ingredients, such as spinach juice, strawberry and so on. However, some food additives are unnecessary, such as flavors, preservatives and so on. Many packaged foods contain preservatives, especially those that need to be refrigerated. Because if you don't distribute the whole cold chain without preservatives, it's easy to break down.

Nowadays, there are endless food safety incidents, which make people lose their sense of security to the rich and colorful food, but it is too late. Firm resistance to illegal additives does not affect the correct choice of food additives, just remember a standard: appropriate selection, appropriate use. It is believed that people can relax and enjoy the magic of science while pursuing healthier taste.